Wednesday, April 25, 2007


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Hey y'all ~ John here.

If any new or old faces have seen the SPARK! Mag story , here's a specific update, plus links, on the local beers I listed.

My choices are all available locally.

In general, there are 2 great places I frequent that have a great beer selection: State Line Liquor (SLL; Elton Road, Elkton, PA) and Brewer's Outlet , (BO; Rte 202, Chadds Ford, PA just above the DE/PA border), in addition to other local marts.

By and large, my beer tastes adhere to my mantra of 'Support Your Local Craft Brewer' so all choices are by local Mid-Atlantic breweries. These selections serve as a good survey of great local beer (all apologies to the local brewpubs, as I wished to focus on off-premise retail buys)


VICTORY Golden Monkey (Downingtown, PA) ~ excellent domestic facsimile of a Belgian-style Strong Ale; warm, sweet and perfumy.  Corked 750mL bottles are available and suitable for aging, like fine wine.  SLL 
VICTORY website

TROEGS HopBack Amber Ale (Harrisburg, PA) ~ an emerging giant in the craft-brew world, Troegs makes this superb American-style ale that does not shy away from hops with aggressive pine & citrus characteristics.  SLL
TROEGS website

RAMSTEIN Blonde Wheat Beer (High Point, NJ) ~ the best Bavarian hefeweizen (German wheat) made domestically, brewed by a friend who trained at an all-wheat beer brewery in Germany. BO
HIGH POINT website

TWIN LAKES Route 52 Pilsner (Greenville, DE) ~ Delaware's newest brewery; their artesian well-water source shines through in this unfiltered lager. Available for 'growler' fills directly from the brewery & on tap locally.
TWIN LAKES website

DOGFISH HEAD Worldwide Stout (Milton, DE) ~ A modern legend.  At ~18-23% alcohol by volume, it is perfect for aging.  A few bottles  from their first bottling can still be found my own beer cellar. Needs to be sipped like a fine port in a snifter.   SLL
DH website

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