Thursday, August 31, 2006


Twin Lakes Beer dinner at Washington Street Ale House

Find some details here. Its on September 14th, and it's $50/person for a 5 course meal. Looks very tasty.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Google Group : 1st State Homebrewers

Ever wanted to ask fellow club members if anyone was brewing this weekend? Or had a particular strain of yeast? Or wanted to go to that beer even this weekend? Or had an urgent technical problem?

In an effort to foster increased intereaction amongst us FSB'ers, I have taken it upon myself to start the First State Homebrewers Google Group.

This is designed to provide up-to-the-moment info that we may wish to share with each other Re: all things beer.

In addition to the blog, this allows everyone to contact everyone else, and you will have the option to receive all updates by email instantaneously, or once a day as a bundle ~ however you like !!!

To avoid spam, etc. this is an invite only page, so feel free to share this to all members and non-members within the local community and bordering areas (Delmarva, SE Penn, NJ, etc.)

Contact me directly for an invite

See you online!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Time flies...

Wow. Two weeks since I've written an update. Must mean I've not been doing much, right? Heh. Well, I've been busy, and have a basement full of beer to prove it. I've got 20 gallons to get into kegs this weekend - 10 gallons of amarillo, 5 gallons of oak-aged vanilla porter, and 5 gallons of mango witbier. In addition to that I've got 5 gallons of oak-aged vanilla porter to put into bottles and 10 gallons of saison that will probably stay in the primary for another week or so...

Tonight I counter-pressure filled the last of my Bourbon-oak McBride's Strong Ale clone as well as 14 or so bottles of Hopocalypse, both of which will make a showing at this month's meeting. I'll also probably bring a growler of Hell's Bells Belgian Pale, which is actually more of a summer quaffer than anything. Hopefully folks will enjoy it.

I believe we're also going to have a counter-pressure filling demonstration, so if you want some of your kegged beer in bottles, bring an clean, empty six pack and your keg of choice. I'm going hopefully work out the details with our host, Mike, in the next day or so.

We've been playing with our new smoker - so far I've mesquite smoked three chickens, with a hickory bourbon turkey on the near horizon. What does this have to do with brewing, you ask? Smoked malt, of course!!! Yep, you got it - I'm going to try to home-smoke some malts and make some killer smoked porters or something. Not sure when in my schedule that'll happen - I've already got like 6 or 7 batches lined up in the near future.

Which takes me to my last point - I'm at 140 gallons for the year so far. I am right on target for hitting (or maybe exceeding) 200 gallons in 2006. Where the hell does it all go?!??! Oh yeah.... friends and family. I wouldn't have it any other way though.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Iron Hill Wilmington Bocce & Beers

I received an email from Mark Edelson of the Iron Hill brewery asking me to share this event announcement with the club!


Booce & Beers

Iron Hill Wilmington Riverfront


-- Bocce Ball Tournament with Dogfish Head

-- After Bocce enjoy Reserved Beers from Iron Hill & Dogfish Head

-- Corporate Headquarters

-- Info

Bocce Ball Tournament with Dogfish Head


Sam DogfishJoin us on the Wilmington Riverfront Thursday August 17 starting at 6 pm for a most unlikely evening of Bocce Ball and beer drinking as Iron Hill challenges Dogfish Head Brewery in a Bocce Ball tournament.

The event will feature Iron Hill's good friend and Dogfish Head's founder Sam Calagione as well as the brewery staff from Dogfish and Iron Hill.

Dogfish Head

After Bocce enjoy Reserved Beers from Iron Hill & Dogfish Head


Once the Bocce tournament comes to its thrilling end, enjoy special reserved beers from Iron Hill and Dogfish Head.

Iron Hill Reserve Beers will include~~~ The Cannibal: A light bodied Belgian Golden Strong Ale with hints of tropical fruit. Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2005 GABF and a Silver Medal at the 2006 World Beer Cup~~~ Berlinerweisse: German style wheat beer, with a refreshing tart, acidic, and lemony citric fruit characteristic. The addition of woodruff or raspberry syrup can balance out the sourness.

ChateauDogfish Head Reserve Beers will include~~~ Chateau Jiahu: re-creation of an ancient beer made with rice, Wildflower honey, Muscat grapes, barley malt, hawthorn fruit, and Chrysanthemum flowers~~~ Punkin Ale: full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar~~~Red & White: A 12% abv Belgian-style Wit beer. It was brewed with the rinds of over 60 tangelos and freshly ground coriander. The beer is be aged in Pinot Noir barrels (not available in bottles).

Dogfish Head Red & White

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Great Brews of America Beerfest at the Split Rock Resort

Check out this beer festival in the Pocono's on Nov 18th & 19th!
Great Brews of America Beerfest at the Split Rock Resort
The two-day indoor festival, set in the beautiful Pocono Mountains on the dates of Nov 18th & 19th, 1-5pm, the Great Brews of America Beerfest will feature close to 50 of America's finest classic and micro-breweries offering tastes of their latest brews. Musical entertainment will be performed on three different stages, while crafts and artwork will be on exhibition and for sale.

In addition, food purveyors will be in attendance offering selections of various delectable menus for you to choose from. Each attendee will receive a commemorative beer tasting glass to take home. Seminars on various beer related topics will be featured throughout the festival. Advanced Tickets .

A Beer & Food Matching Dinner be held on Saturday night at 7:30 providing an insight into which foods match well with certain beers. The cost of the dinner is an additional $50.00 per person. For Advance Tickets and Weekend Package information, call Great Brews of America at 1-800-255-7625

Click for more info

Monday, August 07, 2006


How to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper

Can't find a bottle opener around? Try using a sheet of paper.

Friday, August 04, 2006


A brewer is born!

William Benjamin Brzoska

Born August 2nd 2006 at 21:36
7lbs 3.6 oz
19 plus inches

Congratulations, guys! The Austin Zealots gain another member...

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Beer maintenance night...

Tonight was a beer maintenance night... lots of sanitizing and racking.... with more still left to do. I kegged my Horizon Bitter, brewed several weeks ago with club member Mike Castagno... he's probably got it in bottles or kegs by now.... one of us is sure to bring it to an upcoming meeting. In addition to that, I racked my Amarillo Assault to secondaries and dry-hopped it with 4oz of Amarillo - 2oz per carboy. That's in addition to the 7oz I used to brew it... 11oz total for 10 gallons. I tried to keep the bitterness around 50 IBU, so it shouldn't be overwhelmingly bitter - but I'm hoping that the amarillo taste and aroma will just knock you out of your shoes. The mango wit should be moved to a secondary and polluted with the mango puree sometime this weekend... probably Saturday. No brew planned for this weekend - I want a little downtime. The next 4 brews wil probablyl be:
Been also looking around online alot at data acquisition boards and various sensors. I'm slowly coming to realize that my dream home brewery will have to happen in stages - I'll probably implement a control panel that allows manual control of things and do that first, then worry about integrating a computer control system for the mash tun and liquor tank somewhere down the line, using the manual board as a potential "override" system if need be. Point is that yeah, it should be cool - but it has to brew good beer first. Best way to do that is to use my own skills to work things out first, then worry about adding a layer of complexity on top... Kind of a bummer b/c I kinda want to take it all on at once... but that's just not practical.