Monday, December 11, 2006


Meeting this Friday (Dec 15th)!!!

Come join us for the last meeting of 2006 at Scott's house this Friday at 7:30pm. The directions / invite came out last night, so hopefully you all got it. We will be electing our 2007 officers, and I will be giving away hops and grain.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for brewing - I managed to squeeze in my 2006 Homegrown Pale Ale. I used 3oz of Homegrown Nugget and 4.5oz of Homegrown Cascade - At the left you can see that part of those additions were for first wort-hopping (FWH). The hops quite honestly still smelled "planty" so I am wondering if I harvested a little too early... but with the quantity I used, I am hoping this year's batch has more hop armoa and flavor than last - The 2005 batch tasted more like a bock beer than a pale ale. My gravity came in around 1.061 so it should have plenty of kick.

Finally, Joe from How Do You Brew? ordered and received some stuff for me that I am really excited about - he ordered Wyeast 3864 Canadian Belgian, a seasonal offering that is supposedly the Unibroue strain and 2 cases of Belgian-style beer bottles... YEAH! As it turns out, his supplier just started carrying them recently. They cost a small fortune ($20/case of 12), however they are available. When spring comes I will probably buy some cases cheaper through Victory Brewing, however these should help fill the interim between now and April/May. I still need your empties, if you've got 'em!!

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