Friday, November 03, 2006


S^4 Ale Update

So tonight I have braved the torrent again, and cracked open my second bottle of Stewart's Sloppy Seconds Strong Ale (S^4 Ale).... and have found it not altogether disagreable. I think that it was definitely way too young last time I tried it... and things appear to be improving as it ages. I suppose I shouldn't be OVERLY suprised by that, but I am nevertheless.

I also actually tried a sample from my keg downstairs early last week and found it to be much better than the bottle I tried at the time, so I am not sure what exactly is at work here... but I am starting to have hope that this beer is gonna be OK given enough aging.

Let me also quantify - It is significantly more carbonated than last time, and I am drinking it at "cellar" temperatures (around 62 degrees) instead of around 40-45. The warmer temperatures probably help enhance the aromatic nature (and let me tell you - this is one seriously aromatic brew) as well as lighten the body, and the carbonation definitely helps lighten the body. I can still taste the background sweetness and some off the "medicinal" flavors from before, but they are greatly reduced...

I strongly suspect it will still leave someone who overimbibes with a whole percussion ensamble thundering away in their skull... but only time will tell.

I will try to bring a bottle to the next meeting in two weeks (Nov 17th) at HDYB for folks to sample... WARM, of course!

Fantastic name! If you would be willing to share the recipe, I would love to publish it on my site:
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