Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Meeting Friday!!! (Oct 20th)

We have a meeting this friday at Jeff Ramberg's house. Scott sent the address out yesterday... use MapQuest or Google Maps to get directions.

At the meeting, Oliver Weatherbee is going to bring some iso-alpha extract to do a demonstration with using Coors or some other needlessly flavorless beer. It actually provides bittering without requiring a boil!! I will probably bring a growler of my latest batch of Oak Vanilla Porter, which needs help. I'm not sure if its a lack of bittering that is the problem, or if I somehow got something in it... We'll see.

I'll also try to bring a couple bottles of my Oktoberfest - It turned out GOOD, but I'll have to sneak it past the wife... oh wait. She'll have to help me counterpressure fill it, so no sneaking.

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