Tuesday, September 05, 2006


... to those who wait

Brewed February 19th, Choking Sun Stout has finally found its way to my right-most tap handle tonight. I kicked the keg of Hell's Bells Belgian Pale and Choking Sun makes its debut. And despite being warm... I like it. Alot. It turned out nice... although I suspect the Cascade hop aroma and flavor has diminished over time. I remember trying it many months ago from a bottle-conditioned "bonus" from the couple cases I sent to my cousin in Atlanta, and it definitely has changed with time. I do have a bottle of "Gonzo Porter", courtesy of Fool Circle to compare against.... I will probably do that with him next weekend when he is here brewing our next collaborative effort - a Pale / Barleywine combo.

It has been a long time since I had something dark on tap - I've really missed it. While summer beers are good and all... The dark stuff is where I really flex my brewer's muscles and shine, I think. I love the roast...

The best things come...

I can't wait until Sunday!
Man, you do have the best labels. Glad it is nice. I finally got my replacement regulator so I can carb the beers I make again.. Hooray
I can't take much credit for this one. My cousin is the one that designed the cool aztec logo in the center... All I did was arrange the words around it.

turns out my wife absolutely loves this beer... Centennial hops and all... I am kind of suprised since she typically doesn't go for the stronger citrus flavors and lingering hoppy aftertaste... but she's all over this beer. I'm gonna have to start making it a regular house beer.
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