Thursday, September 07, 2006


Harvest Time

Over the past week I've picked most of the hops I was growing. My Libery this year totally sucked... I didn't even bother harvesting them. The cones are ridiculously small and I got almost no yield. I think next year I will either relocate them or try to fertilize the crap out of them.

So my growing totals for this season were as follows:

3.0 oz Nugget
1.5 oz Magnum
4.5 oz Cascade

I think I could get a much better Cascade yield if I just had more height to give them, but since they only have about 4' of fence... the yields probably suffer significantly.

On a related topic, Freshops should have their 2006 harvest (all except Saaz) available by Sept 22 according to the owner, Dave. I am probably going to pick up a pound each of Warrior, Simcoe, Columbus, and maybe 2 pounds of Amarillo. I'm also considering 8oz of Pacific Gem just to try them - they sound really tasty from the description. I have been checking their online store daily to see if the Columbus and Amarillo are available yet... apparently Sept 22nd is the magic date (a quick call to Freshops got me this info).

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