Saturday, July 01, 2006


Beer Haikus

This batch is now brewed
Oak Aged Vanilla Porter
Ten gallons of bliss

How I hate summer
Ground water too hot to cool
Pump and ice required

Exhaustion attacks
Hauling hot liquids all day
Man I need a beer

And so I head off to the couch, happy that the brew day is done, and seeking something from my tap. Tonight it will be the refreshing raspberry wheat.

Oh yeah. Converted all of my brewzNET code over to the .NET platform. The graphics run slower than GDI APIs from VB6, but... they look better and they're more flexible. By the time I get around to actually needing this software, I'll have optimized it and Microsoft will have upgraded the platform.

Raspberry wheat is calling... Night.

Working three jobs and
Attending school full-time can
Kill desire to brew
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