Thursday, June 08, 2006


Tapping Creativity

For a couple weeks I've been playing with some tap handle label designs for some upcoming brews. Obviously the finishing gravities and ABVs aren't necessarily final on all of them, but I wanted to get the artwork taken care of so I didn't have to scramble and do something lame... And apparently I've got a little bit of a dark streak in me. *snicker*. Yeah, I'm sure you never would have guessed. Two of them came out very cool - but a little disturbing at the same time.

I expect I will probably re-use a huge portion (if not all) of the Hell's Bells artwork for my "For Whom The Bell Tolls Tripel"... Those little dudes on pikes are just too cool not to re-use. I actually did all the artwork for that one from scratch, granted its mostly silhouettes... but just me, Photoshop, and some brush strokes. Not bad for a no-talent unartistic ChemE.

To counteract some of that bad juju, I've also done a somewhat innocuous and light label for the Saison... It feels pretty in-the-vein of most Saisons - I even frenched it up a little with the Fleur de Lys. I'm so excited to try this thing - I'm hoping to keg & carbonate 5 gallons this weekend and put it on tap within the next week.

Amazing how quick time flies - doesn't seem that long ago that ya'll were at my place, and here it is just a little over a week from the next meeting at Marty's. Very cool. I'll probably bring some Native Rage IRA to share.

Very nice indeed. I am sure the beer will stand up well to the label.
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