Thursday, May 25, 2006


Kicking left and right...

The kegs in my kegerator, that is. Ya'll put a serious hurting on my my beer last Friday night at the May meeting... I had about 1/2 gallon in each keg. After the meeting my friends and I had a few pints and ... pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft... Kicked.

So now I've just put on tap the Native Rage India Red and last 2.5gal of Abbey Dubbel, with something to replace the Oak Aged Vanilla Porter soon - it is also near kicking. Not sure if we'll put the Choking Sun stout or Black Honey on tap... I'm thinking Black Honey since I've got 20 gallons of it ;-)

I honestly am not complaining about them kicking - Quite honestly I take it as an assertion of two very important truths - People really liked my beer, and folks had a rocking good time at the meeting. It was pretty impressive - I can't remember the last time we had that many people in attendence... if ever. I imagine we probably had close to 30-40 people over the course of the night, not including kids.

Did everyone have a good time? Do we want more meetings like that, or was it TOO big? Just curious... I have gotten a couple comments from newcomers that if our monthly meetings are typically like that, they will attend from now on regularly... What about you other folks? I think Ric did a fan-f'ing-tastic job with the presentation, and hope we can entice more professional brewers to come in to talk to us... even if it requires shaming them with the fact that STEWARTS did it and they're not ;-)

Done more ubergeekiness, but I think I'll hold off posting any more pics until I actually get a full layout ready. Its going really well, better than I expected. Its amazing how quick coding Visual Basic 6 comes back to you, even after a year hiatus.

Sucks that Heavyweight is closing... that pretty much puts the kabash on us going there to do a club brew with them. I'll have to brainstorm and find some other **cough cough** suckers **cough** I mean iterested parties...

My saison is way underattenuated. I'm actually pretty pissed... but not willing to claim defeat yet, I've put a heating pad next to them and heated both carboys up to around 76 degrees, and they seem to be fermenting again. I may actually end up repitching some fresher Saison yeast if HDYB has some, but we'll see. I pitched a good sized starter, so there really isn't any friggin' reason why it should be under attenuated... the only thing I can think is I racked it to a secondary too fast (1 week) and maybe didn't keep it warm enough. I **WILL** brew this SOB again if it turns out crappy just to see how it was supposed to be.... and I'll pitch a ridiculous quantity of yeast.

What yeast did you use? I just finished my first saison and I remember reading that you have to be at 78 F or higher to get decent attenuation. I fermented in the primary for 17 days at 80 F give or take 2 degrees. I aged it in my basement for another 6 - 8 weeks (can't remember) and the SG dropped another 3 - 4 points at that time. All in all I think I got about 78% attenuation, but it took a while. I should age it more to mellow the flavors, but I wanna taste it "raw". If it sucks, I'll age it another month or so.
Good luck! Hope this helps.
I used White Labs WLP565. I was forwarded some info from a friend that showed that yeast basically needs 76+ degrees to attenuate properly, which makes me somewhat annoyed at White Labs for saying that 76 is the UPPER limit of where it should be used... But I learned a valuable lesson for brewing a Saison next time.
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