Friday, May 12, 2006


Big Meeting Next Friday (5/19)!!!

Just a quick reminder to all - our May meeting on the 19th will be at my house next Friday. We will have a guest speaker (perhaps 2) as both Ric Hoffman and his assistant brewer (and their wives) from Stewart's will be in attendance.

I also intend on doing a demonstration of some sort. At this point it is a toss-up between a yeast starter, pressure-canning wort for FAST yeast starters, or counter-pressure bottle filling. I thought it might be cool if we pressure-filled kegs people brought and sent them home with some six-packs (for those that don't typically do that).

I will have on tap:

I also have a number of different beers in bottles I will probably break out during the meeting, including:

And others.... if there are sufficient people in attendence to support the volume.

We'll have a whole bunch of pork BBQ sandwiches, cole slaw, munchies, and other food stuffs, as well as non-ethanol beverages for those DDs that are coming. I know of several wives that are also coming, and several folks are also bringing their kids (we have a playroom w/ TV downstairs), so if that is your excuse for staying home, consider bringing them!

We should all have a rockin' good time.

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