Saturday, April 22, 2006


JB @ Twin Lakes

John Biggins had a quick report back after last night's meeting activities regarding Twin Lakes... I will be following up with those guys to with a formal thank you and I'll try to get a meeting scheduled there soon. Its a bit of a drive for folks, but if there is interest we can certainly try to make it happen...


Dropped the empty keg of donated RTE. 52 PILSNER back to TWIN LAKES today. Mark and part owners Dave & Jim (I think) were well pleased that we enjoyed the beer. They also mentioned they would be around to supply grain, etc. for any interested brewers!

They really want us to be a part of their 'marketing' network, & with the free keg last night, they got off to a good start.


Notes: I tried the GREENVILLE PALE at the brewery. Nice, well balanced and very subdued. Very light on the hops; surprising as I was expecting a typical Cascade / Sierra Nevada-type pale.

Their stout brewing is forthcoming, once they get enough beer to fill their tanks.

They have about a dozen accounts now (Buckeys & Logans House have them on tap) which have been moving the beer well & are expanding w/ increasing production (Newark soon. Homegrown Cafe is interested).

Their 1st seasonal will most likely be a light Summer lager (not an IPA like it says on the website), but that is a way off schedule for now.

The Pilsner on tap at the brewery was as cloudy as at the meeting (the Pale was clear). The cloudiness is due to the fact that (a) they are purposely selling unfiltered product and (b) they ferment & lager in the same tank; no transfer to secondary tank. The Pilsner yeast is the CZECH/BUDVAR strain. The batch was extra cloudy due to the non-flocculent nature of the yeast & their zeal to get it out for kegging, so it is not a lager/farmhouse style as I speculated at the meeting.

As to whether the tours will continue to be $22, that's up in the air, but as FSB members, I think we may get a pass. They also want to have a Club Meeting with us or an additional Sat tour like we did a couple months back, so the Powers-that-be should look into it.

Well ... off to the Stewart's Barleywine Fest !


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