Sunday, March 26, 2006


Put a fork in me...

Oktoberfest (& brewer) are DONE... two hours ago I pitched yeast into my second lager ever - a marzen / oktoberfest. I am completely exhausted - I am still trying to fight my way clear of this damn cold my plague carriers (preschool children) gave me... My throat hurts, my ears pop whenever I swallow, I taste foulness whenever I cough... sometimes so long and constant that I bring more than just phlegm up with it... yet I still managed to brew today. I'm nuts.

And I intend on brewing 2 more times before next Sunday. Wife and plague carriers are taking a trip to Atlanta to visit with the wife's side of the family for a week - So I will be alone to do my thing. I've got a few other projects lined up... more details (and pictures) to come once / if I get them completed.

I'm exhausted. Time to go suck down some more water and go to bed... the more rest I get, the better I'll (hopefully) feel.

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