Monday, March 13, 2006


Brew, brew, brew...

Moving the Amarillo Pale Ale we brewed at How Do You Brew on March 4th to a secondary today. An ounce of dry hops, and it smells like heaven...

I also brewed that Indian Brown Ale clone with Brian Moore on Saturday. Had a really good time, and the beer is gonna be good I think. I found the temperature had risen to 74 degrees last night, but after a couple hours on the porch, I got it back down into the 69-70 range. We're going to drink it in late April... looking forward to it.

I also need to bottle and keg the 10 gallons of Choking Sun Stout... I was originally going to bring some to the meeting this friday, however I think I'll do the demo with iodophor sanitizer instead. Safer....

Next up:
* Oktoberfest
* Stewart's McBride's Strong Ale on Bourbon Cubes

Garrett, do you have an email address? or Scott? Thanks - Chris
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