Friday, March 03, 2006


All-grain Demo - Saturday March 4th.

Tomorrow (Saturday) at noon will be the all-grain demonstration at HDYB. I am actually getting there around 11am to unload and get the strike water heating. My intention is to be ready-to-go at noon with the mash-in. I may delay until 12:15 to give folks a chance to show up.

We will be brewing my Amarillo Pale Ale, and I am also bringing several gallons to share (whatever is left in my keg) so folks know what it is that we are brewing. I typed up some instructions I will use as well as printed a recipe sheet ... I made 15 copies, so the first 15 that show up and want them, they are yours (I expect the demand will be much less than that).

I think the good AG stuff will be over by around 1:30 or so... after that, its just boil, cool, and pitch.... but it will take until 4:30 or so and I doubt folks will hang around that long.

My car is packed with toys - Hope to see you there.

How'd it go? I wish I coulda been there.
Went really well. Joe will probably post pictures sometime later this week. We had about 7 or 8 folks there. Chilly - but that keg of homebrew I brought kept us warm ;-)
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