Sunday, February 12, 2006


White weekend...

... and while I had originally thought I was brewing 10 gallons of strong stout this weekend, plans certainly change. Its still coming down out there, and I've got over 12" of snow on my back porch. Looks like stuff is here to stay for a while.

Despite that, I did some beer stuff this weekend - I have a 4 quart starter of WLP004 Irish Ale ready to pitch into that stout (whenever I can get around to brewing it). I kegged the maibock, which begins its lagering today. I also have 10 gallons of Native Rage moved to the secondaries and dry-hopping. Maybe today if I get ambitious I'll do some counter-pressure filling... but since my son has been running a 101+ fever for 2 days now and hasn't gotten much rest (either has me or my wife)... I should probably just take it easy.

My canned starter wort was amazing - I put some Servomyces in it during the boil, and that yeast really seemed to like it. My 1 gallon starter was done fermenting within a day... I have a feeling that yeast propogation with this starter wort is going to be something new for me to get used to.

Looks good. I love snow. I wish we got that much here. My brewday was cxld as well. I think I am shooting for Thursday.
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