Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Reality Check

OK, so tonight I updated my inventory list so I know what I have on hand. Bottom line is:

That said, I had to revisit some of my upcoming recipes and make a few substitutions so I minimized the amount of ingredients I need to buy. With that kind of inventory on hand, its nuts to go out and buy more hops. I have just a few varieties I can't substitute for and don't want to (like Liberty hops and Victory / Amber malt)... so I do need to buy a couple things along with some yeast vials.

I have another joint brew coming up with my buddy Fool Circle. We haven't decided what to brew yet - but I expect it will be strong and/or hoppy. My personal hope is that he wants to do the Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale clone from September 2005 Brew Your Own, but if not - I'll just have to brew 10 gallons of it for me :-D

I've currently got 37.5 gallons in kegs and about 3 cases of bottles... with 5 gallons of Maibock and 10 gallons of Native Rage to be kegged within the next 3 weeks.

Speaking of the Native Rage, even though it started at a gravity of 1.071, it was essentially done fermenting yesterday. Airlock activity has slowed to a crawl today, and I think this weekend I'll be throwing it in the secondary with its dose of dry hops. Big yeast starters + Servomyces = GOOD FERMENTATION. I've got a monster yeast cake of nearly pure yeast in one carboy - I stopped once the trub cleared in the first, switched to the second carboy, collected 5 gallons, then switched back. I gotta figure out what to use it in soon - And with 10 lbs of American Pale Ale malt left, my options are kinda limited. Anyone out there want a bunch of WLP001 California Ale yeast?

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