Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Choking Sun

In honor of my cousin's new project, Choking Sun, and his love (and his band mates') love of stout, I am brewing a very robust stout for them. Choking Sun Stout has 8oz of Carafa II, 8oz of Chocolate, 8oz of Roasted Barley, 8oz of Crystal 120L, and a ton of base malt per 5 gallons. The grain bill was big enough I actually had to split it into two different mash tuns for 10 gallons. Thanks again for the loan, Jerry!

It weighed in at 1.0745 for the initial gravity, was fermenting like a bat out of hell within 12 hours, and is black as midnight. This is my first major endeavor with Carafa malt, and I expect it will be very good. Hopefully the roast won't be tooooooo overwhelming.

Bittering hops were magnums, flavor were cascades, and the aroma hops were centennials. I will have to keep you all posted on this one. I'll probably be brewing a less intense oatmeal stout in a month or two since this beast won't be ready until fall.

Dang.. How do you get your OG readings to 4 decimal points. That is precision. Looks dang tasty.
Refractometer, which means that really it is "estimated" to 4 decimal places. Promash said for a refractometer reading of 18.8, that corresponds to 1.07447 ... But I still only take it as ballpark. Should be plenty roasty... and I imagine after 6 months of aging, it will be VERY tasty.
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