Sunday, February 05, 2006


Canning Starter Wort...

... or at least today, brewing it. I didn't actually bother doing the canning today... I figure that can wait until tomorrow. I was impeccable (as always) with my sanitation, so I am not overly concerned that something unpleasant got into the starter wort. It should keep just fine (out in the cold, cold garage) until tomorrow night. I've got 2 cases of quart jars (2x 3 gal) and 1 case of pint jars at the ready.

I brewed about 5.5 gallons, with absolutely no break in the carboy, at 1.040 gravity with a mere 9 pounds of grain. Not bad... Not fantastic efficiency, but for keeping all of the break out of the carboy, I couldn't be more pleased. Now I just need to learn to do that with my lagers. I did a little math, and with this starter wort I should be able to hold out until summer without having to do more canning. Very cool. I also have this sneaking suspicion that I've been seriously over-pitching my beers. I also did the math to see what the ingredient savings is over using DME - Its about 1/3 the price of using DME. Of course... it'll take me a few years to pay off the pressure-canner. GEAR RULES!!

I have some WLP004 Irish Ale on the stir plate trying to re-activate. Its "best used" date was October 30 of 2005, so I'm a few months overdue... but it should wake up sometime tomorrow night and start doing the deed. I'll then take the cake and pitch it into a 1 gallon starter in preparation for my brew next Sunday (timing permitting). It'll be a 10 gallon batch of a strong stout, 5 gallons of which will go to my cousin Mosquito of Choking Sun in Atlanta. I promised him sometime ago to brew a beer for him, and its well overdue. Its loosely based off of Flying Dog's Gonzo Porter... With enough differences thrown in to make it my own.

Did you buy that canner just for beer, or do you guys can other stuff? Lotta money . . .
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