Tuesday, January 17, 2006


New Beginnings

Well, yesterday I brewed my Maibock. It took a really long time (nearly 7 hours) and I got a huge amount of break material in the kettle - I'm guessing the bottom 2 gallons were nothing but break. With some careful valving I kept the stuff that got into the kettle to a minimum, but I only collected about 4.7 gallons @ 1.069 OG. Perhaps I should have added some make-up water. At any rate, the airlock downstairs isn't blubbing yet (WLP833 is a notorious slow-starter), but it does have positive pressure. My adventure into the world of lager brewing has begun.

I called our friends over at Twin Lakes Brewing up off Route 52 in Greenville. Turns out they are right around the corner from my place of work AND just a mile down the road from where Brandywine Brewing Co used to be. They aren't open and brewing yet, but the brewer said he would love to have us come for a tour, open or not. I think we need to take him up on that offer and we'll discuss at the meeting at Scott's.

FIRST MEETING OF 2006 THIS FRIDAY! Scott will be mailing out the newsletter soon with directions. See you all there!

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