Sunday, January 01, 2006


Jan 1 rant

So you spend minutes of your precious life coming up with a password that is "Safe", that has numbers, symbols, letters (upper and lower) and all that other happy stuff and then suddenly you have a couple 750mLs of Ommegang and you can't seem to enter it correctly per keystroke, and Blogger won't let you post.

What a pain :-) kidding.

Actually, it might be more of a test to make sure that you're mentally capable of blogging something... in my case, I will fake it as much as I can.

No joke that I've drank alot of Ommegang tonight - I've got a starter of the dregs of 3 750mL bottles ont the stirplate at the moment. I say hurrah for a belgian beer that is best drunk at room temperature and ferments somewhere between 74 and 84 debrees. ROCK ON. Of course I am going to have a hell of a time fermenting that warm in these frigid Delaware winters, but oh well. There is also a very real possibility that the yeast is toast and I won't be able to reculture it at all. C'est la vie... That's why I am going to try to brew a couple gallon starter of WLP833 German Bock for a Maibock tomorrow.

I can't believe I'm supposed to be the FSB president for 2005. You all are crazy for trusting a guy brewing since father's day of 2004. Let's hope crazy is a good thing.

Well, after too much Ommegang and a pint of my delicious imperial Stout, I think it is time to just ring it. Have a fantastic new year, fellow brewers. May you batch OGs be high, FGs be low, and your tannins and unwanted cell counts be low.

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