Tuesday, November 08, 2005



Researchers in Oregon say beer may fight disease. I heard this on the local hoity-toity classical music station. The anchorwoman said "of course there's all that burping to contend with."

Jane Hautanen (Jane Doe)

"Most of todays beers are low in hops, except porters, ales, and stouts".

Obviously whomever wrote that is refering the the piss-colored swill that most of america drinks instead of craft-brewed and microbrewed beers. Someone needs to send them a double-IPA and let them pucker up to that. And since when were porters and stouts NOT an "ale"... I mean I know that Hank puts them in the other category for our competitions, but .... they are still ales!

Sounds like I need to start brewing even HOPPIER beers. BREW ON!
I've always liked it when they refer to it as "beers" and "ales".
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