Sunday, November 06, 2005



I didn't brew this weekend. I was planning to - but then just didn't. No time nor energy nor preparation. Instead I took the opportunity to enjoy the beers I have on tap, move the scottish to the secondaries... and that's it.

Both the Nut Brown Ale and Witbier are on tap now. They're both good. Not sure how long it will take to kick my Oak Aged Vanilla Porter - Its strong enough to where I drink one or two max. Next time I think I will bottle at least a case.

Next batch will be 10 gallons of black honey ale so I can give some to my dad for Christmas. He loves it, and has been rationing the few he has left. Unfortunately these won't be ready until almost Christmas, so he's gonna run out before then... but he won't be without for too long. My friend Chris is thinking of buying a kegerator. That probably means that I'll be brewing regularly for him as well - or at least 10 gallon batches regularly.

Joe at How Do You Brew wants us to have the November 18th meeting there at the store. I wrote to Scott to get the venue changed. Joe is also looking for volunteers to do demonstration brews the following day (Saturday). I unfortunately can't because its my kids' birthday weekend and we have plans to take them to the Philly Zoo. Anyone out there interested? If so, call or write Joe...

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