Monday, November 28, 2005


2005 Rackup

So here are the brews I've done this year and those yet to come. E = Extract, EG = Extract with Grains, AG = All-Grain. I think that I may actually squeeze in one more 10 gallon brew taking my total to the 200 gallon limit since we are only spending a week in Atlanta for Christmas, which means I'll spend the other week here in DE.

2505-Jan-05EGYe Old Porter5
2609-Jan-05EGNasty Habit Abbey Tripel5
2714-Jan-05EGOak-Aged Vanilla Porter5
2812-Feb-05EGBerry Beer (for sister)5
2925-Feb-05EGJim Rossi's Honey Pale Ale5
3020-Mar-05EGRainy Day IPA5
3126-Mar-05EGAlucard Strong Dark Belgian5
3201-Apr-05EGLimey Vale Nut Brown5
3317-Apr-05EGBlack Honey Ale (for Dad)5
3425-Apr-05AGLiving Dead Girl Ale5
3529-Apr-05AGFergus Scottish Ale5
3606-May-05AGPig Iron Porter5
3721-May-05AGHamish Oaked Scotch Ale5
3805-Jun-05AGLittle Brave Red Ale5
3908-Jun-05EB3 German Hefeweizen Kit5
4012-Jun-05AGNative Rage IRA5
4122-Jun-05AGRise & Shine Oatmeal Stout5
4127-Jun-05AGOak-Aged Vanilla Porter5
4309-Jul-05AGAmarillo Pale Ale10
4431-Jul-05AGSirius Black Honey Ale5
4506-Aug-05AGFool's Initiation APA10
4614-Aug-05AGQueen's Darkness Imperial Stout5
4728-Aug-05AGPhoenix ESB5
4805-Sep-05AGMy Wife's Nutty Brown Ale10
4910-Sep-05AGIchabod's Revenge Pumpkin Ale5
5004-Oct-05AGKiss of Frost Witbier10
5115-Oct-05AGIchabod's Revenge pt2 Pumpkin Ale5
5226-Oct-05AGPeated Scottish Ale10
5313-Nov-05AGSirius Black Honey Ale10
5426-Nov-05AGOak-Aged Vanilla Porter5
55*PendingAGNasty Habit Abbey Dubbel5
56*PendingAGHomegrown Pale Ale5

I have some of these recipes in the recipes section of the First State Brewers. I stopped posting any there because I realized not too many of our club members were all-grain brewers, nor did we get many hits to that section of the site. If anyone is interested in a recipe, just write and I'll get it out there for you.

I wonder - do yeast starters qualify as brewing beer? I'll be getting a pressure canner for christmas so I can brew some all-grain wort to use as yeast starters. By canning I'll be able to stick them on a shelf and just pull off quarts as I need them (talk about fast compared to my current method). Nah... it can't. You don't drink yeast starters, and I think the law says something about consumption.

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