Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Sweet Peat

10 gallons of peated scottish, to be more specific. My peated scottish smelled heavenly thru the mash, boil, and going into the fermenter. I am actually concerned that I should have used a full pound of the peated malt rather than 8oz. I guess I can chalk this batch up as experience if the peat mellows and disappears - I still have 1.5 lbs left, so I'll have to brew some superpeat scottish or something.... maybe a peated porter... mwaa haa ha haa.

I employed 2 time saving gadgets this brew, and managed to get it done (Heating mash water to pitching) in 5 1/2 hours - My O2 setup totally cut out an hour and a half of waiting for the wort to oxygenate - Anyone need an aquarium pump? In addition I've used my hose H2O filter instead of the water filter on our kitchen sink. It'll dechlorinate and purify water at a rate of about 5 gallons a minute. Pretty sweet.

I got my nut brown ale on tap - the Burton Ale yeast is still somewhat apparent, but its a good brew. I could drink it all night and keep my head... well, for a couple hours anyways.

So now I've got 25 gallons in fermenters - 10 gallons of wit (5 kegged, 5 bottled this weekend) 5 gallons of Pumpkin Ale (for bottling). I suspect that I'll have two more kegs coming available here soon when the Native Rage and Oak Aged Vanilla Porter kick. Speaking of which, I brought a six pack of the Native Rage to a coworker and he LOVED it. He and his wife are hopheads, and the absolutely love it to death... so I'll have to bring some to the next meeting and get folks' opinions. Maybe I should have entered it in the homebrew contest... Oh right. No one came or participated but me, Jeff and Scott. would have been a waste.

"Brew Like a Monk" rules. That book is really well written, interesting, and going to influence the next belgian style brew I do. Still haven't cracked the spine on Brown Ales or Bock, but I'm looking forward to those as well.

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