Monday, October 17, 2005



OK, so I didn't get my Wit racked to secondaries - I will do that tonight. I also scaled back my amazon order by 1/2, so I'll only be getting 2 beer style books and "Brew Like A Monk". As my wife so smartly pointed out - I need to leave some things for folks to buy me for X-mas. Not like I ever could run out of things, but those are quick & easy ones so... I'll be getting Bock & Brown Ale.

I also didn't counter-pressure fill my Native Rage or my Oak-Aged Vanilla Porter. I need to do that soon as well... particularly if they are going to be ready for this Friday. We are trying to switch our baby sitter's night from Thursday to Friday so Donna can also come - I would love it if she did.

My pumpkin ale was done fermenting last night. Pitching 2 packets of dry yeast really cuts down on the fermentation time... It ran a little hot (around 74 degrees), but with all the cinnamon and other flavors in there I suspect the esters will probably be very masked. I thought of cooling it down, but the sloth of the weekend overtook me. I will probably need to rack it to a secondary in a couple days.

I also got a 3 quart starter of Wyeast 1728 (Scottish) going in preparation for this weekend's 10 gallons of Peated Scottish. I am really getting excited about this brew - hope it turns out good.

Why the overwhelming sloth? Well, we got a kord of wood delivered Saturday (1/2 oak, 1/2 cherry) and after moving and stacking for 2 hours, I was pretty well spent.

Hey, I was wondering. You said you got a 3Q slurry going. Is that including the liquid? Or is that just the decanted yeast with a little liquid left over? I have just started to use starters, and I don't think I quite have the results I want with them.
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Unfortunately I am referring to yeast + starter wort... man, if I had 3 qts of thick yeast slurry I wouldn't have a concern in the world about hitting my finishing gravity. Actually... that would probably be considered severely overpitching.

I have a stir plate that I use to some small measure of success in increasing my yeast counts, however its old and ends up heating up the starter over time, so I can't really use it much past 8-12 hours. Supposedly if you leave a starter on a stir plate until it finishes, you end up with dramatic (4X) increases in yeast.

This is the first time that I've gone straight to 3 qts for a 10 gallon batch starter - in the past I did a 500mL first, followed by the bigger 2-3 quart one. I got the impression from a couple of online sources that the intermediate step may not be necessary or effective... so I guess I'll see.
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