Monday, October 24, 2005


The littlest competition in DE

Our meeting on Friday was very intimate, as was the competition. 6 people attended - Me, my wife Donna, Dave, Scott Beiber,Hank, and our host Jeff. There were 7 entries, 5 of which were from me:

(A) = Ale category, (O) = Other. We had no (L)ager entries.

Amusingly Scott thought he was entering his British Pale Ale, which seemed odd considering the apparent banana esters the ale was throwing off... he realized it was his Belgian instead after the competiton sheets had already been submited. DO'H!

I could kick myself for not knowing the level of turnout in advance - Dave had several excellent Imperial Stouts and an IPA that could also have been submitted, but since we were expecting more folks and he only brought one 22oz bottle a piece, they were all gone before the competition even began. Dave, your stuff should have been in there - and it probably would have won. Next time we have a competition we will make sure the rules are absolutely clear, it is well advertized and promoted prior to the event, AND that we have sufficient pre-competition suds to keep people's throats from drying out!!! I brought a cooler full of beer, but nothing to drink prior to the competition! DO'H! DO'H!.

We all had fun despite the low turnout, and I think everyone enjoyed a good sampling of beer. Hank promises to tally the results for the next meeting.

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