Thursday, October 20, 2005


Bottles... Babysitter... BOOYAA!!!!!

Tonight my wife and I did some serious counter-pressure filling. 5 six packs... took about 30 mintues. We didn't bother bottling the Pumpkin Ale since my intention is to bottle the batch I just brewed this past weekend... We'll have plenty of pumpkin madness to hand out to folks.

My wife and I decided on the entrants... and honestly several of them changed. I'll be submitting 3 beers for myself, and 2 for Brian Moore, as I mentioned before. I'll have 2 ales and one "Other", while Brian's are all Ales. Having tasted both of his entries... I'm actually scared for my submittals. He brews one mean beer. Next year I hope to have something for the Lager category...

We managed to get a babysitter lined up for tomorrow night, so Donna will be coming with me!!! I am so incredibly excited - I think she's really going to enjoy herself hanging with folks (Esp. since she isn't responsible for entertaining this time around).

Tomorrow is the night... ARE YOU ALL READY???

* Happy Dance *

Best of luck.. Results aside, I am sure you will have a great time.
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