Saturday, October 29, 2005



...gallons. That's how much I've brewed so far this year. Fortunately that means I'll be coming in under my legal limit of 200 gallons this year, even if I brew a few more times (which I will). I have a rather large stockpile of beer in my basement so I might end up taking a break this winter and brewing some bigger (or more time consuming) ones... Ones that take a while to age. Maibock is definitely on the agenda. I **MUST** learn to brew some lagers... and figure out how to handle them without having to go purchase another damn refrigerator/freezer.

And before someone runs off and starts planning my intervention, here's a couple of reasons why I managed to get through that much beer in a year:

... So I get help making it disappear, and we're sitting on a good amount too.

Brew Like a Monk is an amazing read and reference for any of you out there looking to brew authentic (or even inauthentic) Belgian-style brews. Its packed with great info from both sides of the Atlantic (Belgium and America) and has many suprises I wasn't expecting - For example, fermentation temperature control for Belgians would be the exception to the rule - Many many places actually pitch 65-70 degrees and let their temps rise into the high 70s or mid 80s! In addition 15-20% sugar is pretty standard, with some using as much as 30%. And corn sugar (yes, that stuff you use for bottling) is a good substitution for clear candi sugar!

That book also had Lots of good info for me to use for my Ommegang clone or Abbey-style Dubbel - Speaking of which, I picked up 3 750mL bottles of Ommegang at State Line this weekend so I could reculture. We'll have to see how it goes - Worst thing that could happen is I get really ripped on some belgian-style goodness, even if I can't get the yeast revived and kicking again.

No brewing this weekend. I'll be bottling & kegging my 10 gallons of Belgian Wit tomorrow. Next weekend I'll either be brewing 5 gallons of Oak-Aged Vanilla Porter or 10 gallons of Black Honey Ale - My dad is running low again, so it would make a good Christmas gift. I hope that he actually gets a kegerator when he retires - I could keep him in good beer pretty easily.

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