Monday, September 12, 2005


C'est la vie

I will be unable to attend this month's meeting. My wife has another commitment that supercedes my need to go and wax zymurgic with the other club members and sample the fruits of their labor. So I will have to stay home and sample mine own.

I brewed a pumpkin ale this past Saturday evening - It went fantastic, the wort smelled heavenly (and extremely squashy / pumpkiny) going into the carboy. My wife swooned, which she is not prone to do. I think it'll be a good one.

This coming weekend is 10 gallons of Belgian Wit, followed by 10 gallons of Peated Scottish 80/-, and sometime very soon - Ommeclone, an Ommegang abbey ale clone using recultured yeast and the clone recipe from the latest issue of Brew Your Own magazine.

Will the fall bring a hiatus to the madness, once my kegs are completely filled? Who knows. There is always lagering....

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