Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Stuff and stuff

Updated the site. Added a new topic under brewtips, added some info about the upcoming membership drive with the AHA.

American Homebrewers AssociationThe American Homebrewer's Association is having a membership drive in Delaware at the Wilmington Riverfront Iron Hill location on August 23rd. Many local DE breweries are participating, and our club will have a table as well. It is an opportunity to renew or join for a very low price ($33) and receive a years worth of benefits including a subscription to Zymurgy magazine. You don't want to miss this! Click on the membership drive link for additional details.

Personally - Brewed some. My 10 gallons of Amarillo Pale Ale and 5 gallons of OAVIP is now in kegs... and I've got 5 gallons of Black Honey Ale fermenting. My Oatmeal stout and oak-aged scottish wee-heavy are on tap, and I'm trying like hell to kick my Little Brave Red Ale to put the Amarillo on tap. Made a bunch of tap handle labels - some more comical than others. Brewing a 10 gallon batch of Nugget / Simcoe American Pale Ale this weekend with Brian (Fool Circle) this Saturday afternoon to show off the MoreBeer.com B3 10 gallon AG cooler system I got for my b-day this year (he's planning on investing.).

Recent tap handle labels:

I'm hoping to get a B3-200 for Christmas next.

Or, a freezer and temp controller.

Either way, I definitely need to go all-grain next year.
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