Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Competition prep

Well, my wife and I managed to counter-pressure fill 18 bottles tonight - 6 oatmeal stouts, 6 amarillo pale ales, and 6 oak-aged scottish wee-heavies. This time around I filled slow, upped the pressure, and lo and behold... no gushers at all. The only beer that hit the counter was what dripped out of the filler wand. I am actually a little scared... one of those "What if they're flat when opened" or "what if the bottles weren't sanitized enough?" ... but I think its probably just b/c bottling went so painlessly. While I only need a couple bottles each for the competition in october, this will give me a few to bring to meetings or to give out to folks.

On an interesting note - My amarillo keg is almost dead. My best friend from Dover definitely put a hurting on it this weekend. Thank goodness I have another 5 gallons! 10 gallon batches rule... Also, this will give me an opportunity to get some other stuff (belgian tripel, belgian strong dark ale, and my native rage IPA) chilled and tap (and hence in bottles for the upcoming competition!!!). I have plenty of brewing planned for the upcoming months - And I've got plenty of kegs to fill!!

Planned brews:

And those are just the ones I've got recipes drafted for. I have a few more running around in my head (not least of which is another 10 gallon batch of Amarillo Pale Ale)


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