Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Arrival of goodness

Oliver placed our bulk grain order with North Country Malt Supply last week, and it is supposed to arrive today. In total we ordered something like 525+ lbs of grain and nearly 10 lbs of hops... between Marty, Oliver, and myself. I have a feeling that these all-grain brewers will be pretty set for grain for many months. Oliver leaves for vacation tomorrow, so the earliest we will start seperating the order will be Sunday... although I expect early next week is more likely.

In addition I have a much smaller order from MoreBeer.com coming today with some silver ferrules to replace the brass ones on my kegerator tap handles, a thermometer for my 5 gallon kettle (I moved the previous one over to my 10 gallon kettle), and a few miscellaneous grain types that NCMS doesn't carry (Carafa, Victory).

Our American Pale Ale 10 gallon batch this past weekend went great, except for me not listening to my better judgement and topping up to 13.5 gallons at the beginning of the boil - As a result, we ended up with 9 gallons instead of 10 and the gravity was much higher than anticipated (1.059 instead of 1.052). I can't wait to try it - the 4 oz of late addition Simcoe hops really smelled fantastic as it fermented.

Coming up for me is a 5 gallon batch of Imperial Stout, 10 gallons of Nut Brown, and probably 10 gallons of Scottish 70 shilling... But I don't know what the timing of them will be.

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