Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The power of beer

I had a bunch of my work colleagues for dinner and beer tonight - It was a ton of fun. We tasted my three brews on tap, I cracked open a few of the remaining OAVIPs, and eveng grabbed a few samples from the belgian kegs in the basement. Folks really loved it - and I think it actually convinced one of the non-homebrewers that he wanted to start looking into the hobby. My wife made some fantastic food as well - chicken shish kabobs, salad, and dips - it was wonderful. I really think everyone had a great time.

I must say that it is really rewarding to have people over and drink your beer when they honestly want more - I felt very happy and fulfilled. I think that is the beauty of homebrewing as a hobby - that others can really appreciate the fruits of your labor and enjoy themselves.

My ghetto brewery tour was very amusing for them - I think they enjoyed that alot too.

So now I go to sleep contented and happy the evening went so well - and looking forward to the next time my wife and I do this.

Homebrewing rules.

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