Monday, July 04, 2005



So updated the previous post with pics of the pump skid. Wort pump is the one with stainless fittings, cooling recirc pump is the one with brass.

In addition I grabbed some pics of my hops "trellis":

Today I also pulled about 4-5 oz out of both my Abbey Tripel and Strong Dark Belgian kegs - You guys are screwed for the October brew competition... these beers are just fantastic. Even the Alucard Strong Dark, which I was worried about, has turned out fantastic - I honestly sat back and had one of those "holy $%!t... I brewed this" moments. My wife concurred - they are awesome. So, hopefully I'll find a way to get a couple of them cold and bottled before the october competition. I also am looking foward to putting my low-octane alpha acid delivery vehicle, the Little Brave Red Ale, on tap - My hefeweizen kicked tonight. I am not suprised... all the warning signs were there. As soon as the kids hit the hay, I'll be dragging it up from the basement and swapping it out. This also means... ANOTHER KEG TO FILL!!! Woot... my brewing continues...

Next up is the 10 gallon Amarillo Pale Ale batch, probably followed by an English Brown Ale. Amazingly enough, I'm burning thru my pale 2-row malts. I think I've half emptied the Maris Otter, and I've got maybe a few pounds in one of my bags of American 2-row. I'll have to make another order to North Country Malt Supply sometime real soon. I need to get some more Golden Promise malt and peated malt for my wife's scottish ales anyways, so I guess the timing is good. I'm a little suprised how fast all-grain batches can chew thru grain.


Any chance you might be interested in a shared bulk grain order? I'd definitely be interested.

BTW, I absolutely loathe the fact that I have to use IE to access this site. The fact that blogger can't properly support Mozilla means its coding is screwed. Just venting.
Of course man - I'd love to share a bulk grain order with you. I've actually got a preliminary list pulled together... good thing you mentioned something. I'll give you a call sometime soon and we'll discuss.

As for IE and Blogger - yeah, that does bite. There is no excuse for bad site design.
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