Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Bad news - HDYB closing

Dear Friends and Patrons:

Due to our personal circumstances, we are going out of business. We have enjoyed sharing our hobbies with you and hope that you continue to enjoy these hobbies for years to come. Barring someone purchasing our business, we will be closing no later than mid-September or when we deplete our stock. We invite you to come and purchase our remaining stock. We will be offering discounts, starting at 10% off all remaining items. All sales will be final. Please redeem any gift certificates you have at your earliest convenience.

Our store hours will continue to be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - 11AM to 6PM - but please call to verify we are open if you are traveling a long distance as we occasionally close early for personal business.

Best Regards,
Pete and Jan

How sad that How Do You Brew is closing. Hopefully it was not due to lack of business.

All the best to the both of you. Thanks so much for serving our community for these past few years.
Stopped in today to get some grain and supplies. Pete said that there is still the possiblity that an interested party may buy the shop and keep it open. Let's hope so.

Personally, I think its Garrett's fault. B*stard.
My fault, eh? Little old me? That's a whole lot of guilt and stuff to lay at my feet. They got some of my business, and most of my yeast was sourced from them. I could even go back and add up the total, as I keep all of my brewing purchase receipts in my binder.

What I gathered from talking with Jan, it truly is due to personal situations. Family always comes first, even when it means you have to walk away from something you created.

I say its Hank and Jerry's faults. You take a 2 or 3 year brewing haitus and... Me, I've brewed ALOT (nearly 200 gallons) in the past 2 years. Anyone else wanna step up here? ;-)
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