Tuesday, May 10, 2005


When it rains...

It pours. I've got beer b-day gifts coming out my ears, and I'm loving it. My parents have ordered me some Vent-matic faucets for my kegerator, I've got my 14 gallon kettle ordered, my sisters have given me $75 in gift certificates to Beer, Beer & More Beer, and my in-laws got me that rockin' refractometer.

I've got over 3lbs of hops and 200lbs of grain - and after I brew 2 more batches, I will be completely out of keg space!!!! DO'H! You guys GOTTA come to the next meeting on May 20 and help me drain the ones in my kegerator.

On tap currently I have:

Batches that have been kegged and will be brewed/kegged soon:

That will completely exhaust my kegs. I loaned another 5 gallon keg to Marty Drinan, but I don't expect to get that back for a few months. I may also get some more kegs from a friend who's brother-in-law works for Pepsi, but that's not for sure either. And of course, hopefully some of these will be drank before the long-conditioning ones like the Scotch Ale ever leave the secondary fermenters, so that should free up some.

Its good to be in so much brew gear, brew supplies, and ... well... brew. Time to get busy and start drinkin' it! Or... ***shudder*** start bottling again.

Or maybe I just don't brew for the first few months of summer and do something else... Wow. Maybe there is something else to do other than brewing... I hadn't even thought of that.

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