Tuesday, May 24, 2005



After the meeting on Friday, I promised myself that I would use my counter-pressure filler to bottle some of the Oak Aged Vanilla Imperial Porter. Jerry Carney was adamant that the First State Brewers should submit it to a contest or something, and I really wanted to be able to give out a few to people (Donna's grandmother, etc).

So I went and sanitized a case of bottles, figuring I'd bottle about 18 or so with a few extras.

I managed to get 9. Not because beer went everywhere during this inaugural use of the CPBF (and it did, probably about 6 oz all over my countertop and backsplash), and not because I stopped early (there was nothing left in the keg), but because my friends and family hit it so hard Friday thru Sunday.

I'm not complaining - I think it is fantastic that people love it so much. And I will definitely be brewing it again here very very soon, since it takes about 2.5 months to age out. Should be interesting brewing it all-grain instead of minimash, as I did the first go-round.

But it still makes me sad that there is no more kegged OAVIP for now... and I will have to ration my bottles. I will count my blessings if I can ever recreate it.

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