Friday, May 27, 2005


Coast-to-coast connections

I got a personal message on the MoreBeer forum from a member in California asking me to brew an Irish Stout for his buddy that's getting married. I hope I can help him out - would be cool to make a connection and friend on the west coast. Besides... Another opportunity to brew? Heck yeah!

I'm down in Atlanta... been drinking some good beer. Had the "Oak-Aged Yeti Imperial Stout" from someplace out in Colorado, been sipping on the "Oatmeal Porter" from Asheville NC's Highland Brewing Co, and am going out to the Buckhead Backlots tonight to drink some beer and watch Star Wars Episode III. Tomorrow is Shrimp & Beer at my fraternity, however I fear it will be keg upon keg of Miller Light... *groan*. At least on Sunday we're going to the 5 Seasons brewpub...

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