Saturday, April 30, 2005


Share the wealth

Well, it is done. I've ordered my 14 gallon modified brew kettle - Unfortunately it is backordered, so I probably won't see it until sometime in June. When I get it, it will be very nice - Threaded fitting for my kettle thermometer, 1/2" full-port all-stainless valve, etc - Had to get spot-welded handles, but hey - I don't intend on dragging around 12 gallons of hot liquid anyways. I also got a 50 foot 1/2" copper immersion cooler to go with it - I know Oliver will be yelling at me for not getting a counter flow chiller, but quite honestly - I like keeping my break material in the kettle and the immersion chiller is so less worry for me. Maybe I'll pony up and get a Therminator one of these days.

I've got over 200 pounds of grain in my basement. I wish I were kidding. I don't forsee having to buy much grain for the next year or so. I've got it all in rubbermaid bins in sealed ziploc bags (or something comparable) so I shouldn't have to worry about it going stale. If anyone feels like brewing on a Sunday thru Wednesday and realizes their local supply store is closed ... give me a call.

I've got 20 gallons in fermenters at the moment - a batch of strong dark belgian, a Rogue Dead Guy Ale clone, the black honey ale for my dad, and now a scottish 80/-. Next weekend I'll be brewing either a Pig Iron Porter clone or a Scotch ale (using the yeast cake from this batch). I've also got a few others on the drawing board, a English stout and what I'm calling "Native Rage IPA"... Warrior, Chinook, Amarillo, and a yet to be determined dry hop all rolled up into one enamel stripping double IPA. Since I'm a malt head, I figured I'd branch out and try to brew something that would make Scott Bieber weep like a little girl (kidding!)

My hops out in the back yard are going nuts. One of my cascades is already at the top of the fence. The recent arrivals are all doing pretty well with the exception of that one damned Liberty rhizome. It looked funky when we put it in the ground, and it sure is taking its time to push some shoots up. Hopefully it will :-
My keg of OAVIP kicked it (Recipe posted on I found out last night while diagnosing why my Kegerator lost its mojo in a matter of a month (CO2 was all gone). I had a leak at the cylinder regulator, I think. At any rate, that means that my Limey Vale Nut Brown Ale is on tap and it is goooooood. Crystal clear, drier than most nut browns and slightly hoppier - but strong and nice.

Speaking of which, guess I'll go pull a pint. Cheers!

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