Friday, April 29, 2005


If its not scottish....

Yay! Another brew day. I've got a culture of WLP028 Edinburg Ale on the stir plate ready for a batch of scottish ale. Tonight will be my second all-grain night. I can't wait - I'm using "Golden Promise" as the base malt - it is supposed to be great in Scottish-style ales. Next weekend I'll brew a big Scotch ale and use the yeast cake from this batch for that one.

I got a really awesome all-stainless ball valve for my 10 gallon kettle. The thing is built to last. In that shipment I also got a XL smack-pack of Ringwood Ale yeast (WY1187). Alot of people hate ringwood, but it can't be all bad since a certain local brewpub uses it extensively... And I intend on trying to duplicate one of their beers here pretty soon.

I got a $500 award at work for some pretty cool stuff I did for our sourcing organization last year. Its an automated entry routine that eliminated a ton of really tedious data loading for them when we went live on SAP. That money is going straight into buying a 14 gallon kettle & new immersion chiller. I can't wait to place the order.

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