Saturday, March 12, 2005


The Waiting Game

So, I go to HDYB today to get my grain, yeast, and other supplies for the next few months... Not the least important of which was the Servomyces yeast nutrient I intend on using for my next batch - a strong dark belgian (Think high-gravity belgian porter/stout). No servomyces. Maybe it'll come in next weekend but no guarentees. I also wanted to use WLP530 in the recipe - they didn't have a single vial, let alone 2... so I am substituting with a WLP500/550 mix. Should be interesting.... No Bullion hops for my "Limey Vale Nut Brown Ale" either - but they are getting me 2oz hopefully in the same shipment of my servomyces. So... I guess I'll do my yeast starter on Wednesday with the expectation I'll brew Sunday. If the Servomyces isn't in again, I guess I'll just toss some regular old yeast nutrient in the batch and charge forward. I've brewed something near 1.090 before without the servo, so it wouldn't be the end of the world.

My order with B3 for all my b-day stuff is still processing. They were out of the 10 gallon GOTT coolers... so hopefully that'll ship by next weekend.

My hop rhizomes from Freshops came in - I got 1 jumbo Nugget, 2 jumbo Liberty, and 2 midget Magnum .... The magnum won't have much of a yield this year (probably none), but the jumbos should have a pretty serious yield. Now to figure out where to plant them.

These hops are actually another way for me to get my wife involved in the whole homebrewing thing (aside from the consumption side which she has zero problem with :D)... She loves gardening, and this is right up her alley. She's now mistress of tap handles, head bottle filler, and chief hop cultivator. I can't wait to get that CPBF so she can try it out.

Training in West Virginia was... interesting. Now its over. Glad to be home. They had crappy beer in all the restaurants and hotels. Only micro I could find was Sierra Nevada and all the imports were skunked and nasty (yes, I actually had BAD Sam Smith beer.) Its very nice to be sitting here drinking a pint of my own suds... which I in all honesty find superior to everything I drank this week in WV.

I had some of this beer the other night and it was delicious. There is no lack of good beer in Lincoln, that's for sure. :)
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Hope you brought some back for me :D

My last keg of Amarillo Pale Ale kicked tonight... I poured a growler for my friend Chris to take home... so now I've got a void to fill. I will probably keg the honey pale ale that's been sitting in carboys for a 3 weeks tomorrow night and put it on top Tuesday.

I need to start brewing - Hopefully this weekend will be a kickoff of several weeks of activity again. All my carboys are getting lonely and empty down in the basement... time for me to make them feel important again.
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