Sunday, March 20, 2005


"Sex in a Glass"

That's what my wife has dubbed my Oak-aged Vanilla Imperial Porter. It works for me. I'm not sure that all you mere mortals out there in blogland are worthy to taste this stuff, but I might be indulgent at the next meeting (April 15th). For those of you that don't plan on attending - woe. Woe and dispair. Otherwise you will have to drop by pub Sever and have a draft pint of it. At 7.5% ABV (not that you'd know it when drinking it), this stuff will definitely get your groove on... Its a lusty brew.

Marty came over to pick up the rebuilt corny and drop off one to be emptied - his "Newark Daze" ale from the Newark Food & Brew fest last year. Its good stuff - SO I'll either have it empty by the time he needs another - or I'll exchange him another rebuilt keg. We sat around and chatted, brewed my Rainy Day IPA (very aptly named for today's climate), and generally relaxed.

The inaugural run of my 3-roll mill from Crankandstein ROCKED. That thing is a grain BEAST. It cracked all the husks leaving them mostly intact and chewed the kernels into the perfect size. I'm very impressed. It was worth the expense.

I'll have what she's having
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