Monday, March 07, 2005


New Toys and Stuff

Wife gave me the green light to order my b-day stuff and a couple other things, so soon I will have on its way:

I opted to get a 6" thermometer probe installed on the mashtun to help monitor temperature. Didn't figure I needed one on the HLT.

My wife and I are also ordering some rhizomes from Freshops this week. I think we're going to get 2 Magnum, 2 Liberty, and one Nugget. I figure that no one else in our brew club is currently cultivating those varieties, so if they do well I can share the wealth in the coming years. Besides - I hear that Kent Golding and Willamette don't necessarily do all that well in this area.

Off to Belle, WV this week to train more people on SAP... Yee haw.

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