Thursday, March 17, 2005


More St. Patrick's Day Fun

OK, St. Patrick's day is over, but here is more holiday fun in questionable taste. Staccato, near my condo, serves a drink called an "Irish Car Bomb." You fill a pint glass halfway with Guiness and add Bailey's and Irish Whiskey, mixed just right. I asked a co-worker, whose last name is McKenna, if it makes you throw up. His answer was "the first one doesn't." He refers to it as a "public transportation drink." You can't drive home after drinking it. Fortunately I can crawl home from Staccato. There is a band playing there Friday night called "Potato Famine."As I stated in the last post, I gave up drinking for Lent, so that eliminates more liquid holiday fun. Come Holy Saturday at noon I'll be at Kramer's counting down the seconds.

I realize I have been living in a cave the last four years...

Jane Hautanen (Jane Doe)

I've seen the Irish Carbomb made as a drop-in drink. Same idea - 1/2 pint of Guinness. But, a shotglass with Baileys and Jamesons gets dropped into the pint glass. Chug. Rinse. Repeat.
I was at Fado pub in DC last St Patty's day. Crowded as hell, but a great time.
Yeah, I've been to Fado. It's amazing how that neighbourhood has come around.

My co-worker gave me the instructions for making a car bomb, but as I am on the wagon for another eight days I will have to wait.
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