Friday, March 04, 2005


Disappointment and elation

Well, turns out that HDYB didn't order last weekend, so it'll be next friday before my servomyces comes in. I'm disappointed. I really wanted to brew this weekend, but that was a big piece of what I was going to use in the batch. I know alot of folks in our club think I'm terrible for ordering my stuff online, but here's a prime example of why I do alot of the time. I'm all for supporting the LHBS, but it'd be nice if once in a while I felt the support went the other way. I'm probably just being whiney and petty, so I'll stop.

On a very happy note, I am getting 4 more cornelius kegs in the mail today. I just checked UPS and they are out for delivery. For $13/piece (and an additional $3 for a complete O-ring replacement set), Adventures in Homebrewing in Michigan will send you some nice ball-lock kegs. With about 30 minutes of TLC per keg to break them down, scrape off stickers, etc - Its very much worth it. The total order was $81.40 with shipping, which works out to just a little over $20/keg.

Apparently you can also get them for $20/ea from Carbonator Rental up in Philly... I haven't bought any from them yet, but I did call and talk to them. They seem very nice. They only had 5 gallon cornies last time I called.

I bought more b/c I have read numerous places that Pepsi and Coke are both moving away from the 5 gallon kegs to boxed syrup concentrate... so in a couple years, its going to be damn hard to find kegs. You'll be able to buy new ones for $90 (OUCH!!!) but that's a little rich for me. So I figured I should invest now and get some more before the Chinese buy them all up for scrap stainless.

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