Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Wednesday cometh...

Well, I kegged my Abbey Tripel tonight (3rd I've done, 1st of my own recipe). I'm so stoked. It was crystal clear even in the secondary... so of course the finish product will be crystal clear provided I don't have a nasty lurking in the keg. I cleaned for 1 hr with PBW and sanitized for about 30 minutes with Iodophor, so I gotta believe it'll be fine. I also have some 3 gallon cornies ready for the BEAST. That's right - my EVIL EVIL oak-aged vanilla imperial porter will be kegged within the next week. Weep and despair world! WEEP AND DESPAIR!! MWAA AHAA HAA HAA! Ahem.

HDYB is checking on the availability of Servomyces for me. I'm dying to use this white labs yeast superfood in my next big belgian - Alucard Strong Ale. I'm hoping it'll be black as midnight, smooth, and somewhere close to 9%ABV. That ought to be a good swift kick to the liver.

FSB.com Recipe submittal page works just fine. Oliver did submit his BeerSmith recipe in BeerXML format for his upcoming "On The Dole" Robust Porter. The gravities and %ABV are definitely wrong, but that was the output from BeerSmith, not our site.

My 3-roll grain mill from CrankAndStein.com ships on Thursday. I can't wait to try that bad boy out. The Alucard Strong Ale will probably be its first victim.

So how many screw-ups does it take before you get your first drinkable batch? I've been thinking of trying to brew, but not sure if I would have the dedication. The way it stands now, I haven't drank a Budweiser or a Miller in years and love the micro-brews, but I'm not sure if I'd persist if I screwed up 20 batches.
If you are careful with sanitation and you have a good recipe, you can easily make a great beer on your first try.
Honestly, I have never had a "screw-up" that resulted in me pouring it down the drain. I had an instance recently where I pitched the wrong yeast into my beer (wasn't paying attention) and I got a weird mix of a Belgian-Style Abbey Dubbel and a Wheat beer, but its still drinkable.

If homebrewing is calling to you - heed the call.

One other thing - This is not just a hobby for some. It can become an obsession - you sit at work all day thinking about brewing, what you want your next batches to be, how you can better use the gear you've got - but maybe that's just me.
I don't know about you, GD, that sounds a little weird to me! :-)
No, I don't think that's weird. Right now the two things on my mind are tarot cards and guinea pigs -- cards I have recently drawn, how they can be interepreted in astrological, cabalistic and numerological terms, how I can explain a crummy reading to someone so they don't slash their wrists, all the new tarot decks I've recently bought.

Also, I think about my pig who just died, how I'm gonna replace him, whether his mate will be ok, how not to screw up with him and the new pig...I spend a lot of time on pig and tarot sites.
GD, I take that back. Thanks to Jane, I no longer think you're weird!
Uh, thanks, Scott
* snicker *
I am the weird old lady parents have to explain to their kids.
I ordered a Crankandstein mill through an importing agency in Korea and they told me just now the company went bust. Is this true? I paid already to the agency!
I ordered a crankandstein mill a few months ago through a korean import agency. Now they tell me, the supplier went bust. Is this true ? I paid already !
I ordered a crankandstein mill a few months ago through a korean import agency. Now they tell me, the supplier went bust. Is this true ? I paid already !
sorry for the pile of emails I sent :-)
I got just now a reply directly from Crankandstein, they are doing well..... I just got ripped off by a middleman !
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