Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Musings from Lousiana

So here I sit, end of day 3 of training folks on SAP, and we've completed 95% of what we needed to. We had 5 days of training scheduled... and I only have a little more to talk about tomorrow with a much smaller group of people. I'll be trying to catch an earlier flight back on Friday - and maybe make the Friday night meeting - If my wife lets me walk out the door ;-)

I just ordered my 3-roll CrankandStein mill. I can't wait. Fresh-milled grainy goodness in my future batches of beer is a very very VERY good thing. Since I'm moving more and more towards mashing, this will definitely help me keep my freshness up and my costs down.

I was thinking - It might be cool to put together a page on the site that lists all of the brewing texts owned by club members for sharing purposes - for example, I'm looking for a recipe that I know is in "Beer Captured", but since I don't know anyone that has it I am buying it. With 3 recipe books, 4 books on brewing ranging from easy (Papazian) to advanced (Noonan), and now almost 15 Brew Your Own magazines - there might be other folks in the club that would want to borrow them. Just a thought - maybe it will take off, maybe not.

This past Saturday before I left I did brew that berry beer kit. Berry flavoring doesn't get added until bottling, so I haven't polluted the wort yet - I'm wondering what the kit will taste like without it. It had your standard 4 lbs of pale LME, 2 lbs of wheat DME, and some maltodextrin as well as 8 oz of Crystal 15L for steeping. I have to believe it tastes like your standard light ale at this point. I haven't checked on it since I walked out the door at 3:45pm on Sunday - hopefully it didn't blow out the airlock.

Oh well. Back to the hotel I go for another evening of sipping Abita Amber and Newcastle Brown Ale in the sports bar downstairs.

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