Sunday, February 06, 2005


FSB Recipes

Little by little I am getting the recipes page done for At the moment it only displays recipes (and even then not everything it will eventually), but I still need to work on the index page that will show them by brewer, style, etc. At least it is a start. I'm having to learn PHP as I code, so the going is a little slower than I'd like... but since I finally managed to get PHP installed on my home webserver, I don't have to upload to test anymore (I can actually test locally), so things are going a little faster.

I'm utilizing the BeerXML standard as the basis so our members will be able to output from whatever software they are using (BeerSmith, ProMash, etc) and post it on our site.

As a preview, check out THIS LINK to see recipes.

I also significantly reworked the sidebar div section based on some web design advice I got from my cousin, Drew. The design is actually alot more flexible and stable now and will be easier to maintain going forward.

EDIT: The link above has been updated with real recipes... more too come from the past few meetings.

Garrett, Looks great!
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