Thursday, February 24, 2005


Duty done and reflective musings

Website has been updated with the last Wort's Hoppening.

Today I also got confirmation that my grain mill has shipped and did a WLP002 English Ale Yeast starter for a batch I'm brewing tomorrow - My sister got me the Beer, Beer, and More Beer kit for Jim Rossi's Honey Pale Ale. Once this Amarillo Pale Ale keg kicks I'll be out of light stuff - Well, that's not completely true. I've got a keg of Abbey Tripel sitting down there, but I don't know that I want everything on tap to be >6% ABV. Well... there's also that berry beer sitting in the secondary, but I'm bottling that for my sister. I won't be kegging it.

The more time I spend thinking about this past meeting, the more I realize how eye opening it was. Found out how much everyone else sweats spending money on their homebrewing equipment and supplies. I guess I never even give it a second thought... I mean... aren't hobbies often expensive? Also, it seems that alot of people buy cheap where as I usually buy quality... Yeah, I bought a $180 grain mill, but I'll never ever need to replace it. I've got a $200 10 gallon brew pot - but it'll last me forever. If I move up to 10 gallon batches... its the ideal size for a mash tun. C'est la vie... Some folks just prioritize differently. Not that its bad, its just not how I do.

I got into homebrewing because it is something I've always wanted to do. I've been a beer snob since my freshman year in college (I mean since I was 21!!!) and have always dreamed of brewing great beer. Its never been about cheap for me - its about quality, creativity, and above all enjoyment. I LOVE BEER, and I make sure mine knows it as I bring it into this world and nurture it to its fullest (alcohol?) potential. ;-)

Perhaps some other blog entry I'll muse over why no one could ever pay me to brew... not tonight for sure. I'm cached.

GD, I think a lot of your quality purchasing has to be credited to the lovely and gracious Mrs. GD, who tolerates you selfishly spending your family’s savings on your hobby! :-)
I absolutely and emphatically agree. I have an extremely indulgent wife that absolutely adores me and spoils me rotten. I am very blessed... And hopefully she feels the same when it comes to her quilting, scrapbooking, and books. Perhaps one of these days I'll put up a pic of our downstairs play room so everyone can see that our kids are not want for much either - They have so many toys we actually have to "cycle" them. About 4/5 live in the closet at any given time.

Our savings are doing just fine. Don't you worry about that. :D
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